Yes! You really do need to remove your make-up at night!

Posted by Rebekah Banks on 5 April 2017


Rebekah Banks is one of New Zealand's most sought after makeup artists in the fashion and beauty industry.  Rebekah originally trained as a beauty therapist before following her creative passion in makeup artistry.  Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about skin care and how looking after your skin gives your makeup a better finish.  We're thrilled to have Rebekah contributing to our journal where she shares her tips about removing makeup and the need to cleanse. 

 Rebekah Banks make up artist


What routine do you recommend for removing make up at the end of the day? 

I like to wash my makeup off in the shower with lukewarm water; I do a double cleanse with Ultraceuticals Brightening Cleanser.  It's a gentle foaming cleanser which is amazing for removing makeup but doesn't irritate my skin.

If I have been wearing a waterproof mascara or long wear lipstick, I will remove that first with micellar water on cotton pads.  Remeber to use an alcohol-free micellar water.

   Ultra B2 Micellar

You have come home from having too many wines and you want to go straight 
to bed. How important is it to remove your makeup and why?

It's very important to remove your makeup before you go to bed as your skin repairs itself while you are sleeping.  Leaving your makeup on overnight means your skin can't breathe and bacteria on your skin from the day is left to breed, often leading to breakouts the next morning. It can also leave your skin feeling irritated and dry. 


What are some ingredients to avoid when choosing the right makeup products
for your skin?

I steer clear of powders containing talc as it can clog pores. It's a cheap ingredient and often used as a filler to bulk up a product. Look for powders containing quality minerals such as titanium dioxide instead. 


Osmosis Mineral Makeup

Osmosis Mineral Makeup is talc free and triple milled to give a smooth, refined finish.

What is the biggest myth or misconception about makeup removal? 

A lot of people think that if they have oily or acne skin that they shouldn't use any oils on their skin, however some cosmeceutical oils are really great for soothing acne conditions and regulating oil production in the skin. 


You’re staying away from home and you’re unprepared. How do you look after
your skin on the go?

If I'm away from home I'm always prepared as I ususally have a micellar water and a basic moisturiser in my bag.  It's not what you want to do everyday but it is better than nothing!! 

Rebekah Banks away 


What are some insider makeup tips you can share with the readers?

A perfect makeup base starts with skin care. If your skin is very dry, foundation will grab to those dry areas and make them more obvious.  Using the right moisturiser and having a good skin care routine is even more important than using a primer. 

If you are not sure what skin care products are best for you, my advice would be to book a consultation with your beauty therapist and get advice from the skin experts.



Rebekah Banks


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