Why Don't More Men Look After Their Money Makers?

Posted on 9 October 2016
It is said that there is nothing more attractive than a  man with a good
haircut, a good suit and a good smell - but why don't we talk about the
quality of a mans skin?


Man with dogSmooth skin and a healthy complexion is generally reserved for measuring feminine beauty, and is something most women like to invest time, money and effort into maintaining.

However, healthy skin holds a biological sign that informs us how healthy we are and in turn, how attractive our faces are. This is true for both women and men, because who doesn't want a healthy partner in life? Good skin health in men has even been linked to more career opportunities and respect in the workplace!

At Haven, we offer unisex treatments designed to deliver an outcome of healthier skin. Using scientifically developed products from Osmosis and Ultraceuticals, they target specific skin concerns such as blocked pores, congestion, dryness, aging, and sun damage. They are designed to improve the health of skin cells, optimise cell function and make the skin stronger. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body and its sole purpose is to provide our bodies with protection.


Mans micro


If the complex cell function of our skin isn’t working optimally, then it can result in not only poor appearance, but the way the skin functions is comprised. When your skin is in poor health, you are more prone to getting breakouts and blackheads, and more likely to get cuts from shaving that don't heal as quickly, and shaving rash.  Unhealthy skin also struggles to retain moisture, which makes it dry, tight and uncomfortable, and often redder in appearance.

By incorporating good at-home skincare with treatments, your skin will be less irritated and inflamed, have less breakouts and ingrown hairs and will appear brighter and healthier -and trust us when we say that is attractive in a man!

Mens Packs 2016 cropped

Men's starter kits are ideal if you are new to skin care. 

While we know there is an initial fear of the unknown, men who visit Haven can see results and return regularly to keep their skin looking tip-top. Our skin therapists are like personal trainers for the skin, working with your individual issues to rectify any wrongdoings and help make you a personalised plan.

In the same way you shine your shoes and iron your shirt, your skin is important in how the world sees you. Invest in it now. Make an online booking with Haven now, and follow these helpful tips for better skin

  • Cleanse daily and exfoliate weekly. Use gentle products. Vigourous scrubbing is a big no-no!
  • Use a Sunscreen of SPF30 or higher during the day and a moisturizer at night. Hydration is key.
  • Use a product with beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) in it. It removes pore-clogging old skin and has anti-redness properties.
  • Drop the soap! Get a cleanser designed for the face as soap can strip the skin. Same goes for body wash and shampoo.

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