We’ve all got it…Pigmentation!

Posted by Leah Fedarb, Senior Skin Therapist on 7 April 2015

Addressing Pigmentation.

We've had a cracking summer this year, and although we want the sun to shine all day every day, we don't want the effects of those damaging UV rays showing up on our complexion.

UV rays cause all sorts of damage to our skin, but it’s pigmentation that is particularly noticeable at the end of summer, and thanks to our climate and love of the outdoors, all of us pretty much have it.

I find my skin shows darkened pigment at the end of summer. This is a sure sign that we've had a long hot summer but it also indicates to me that it’s time to step up my skincare routine with a BIG focus on products that contain ingredients for lightening my pigment patches and suppressing the cell that creates the pigment in the first place. These products also brighten up dull skin and generally improve the quality and texture of my poor, stressed, post summer skin so it’s a win-win.

Of course, prevention is best so wearing SPF every day is paramount to keeping your skin from blemishing. It’s also hugely important to reapply every 2 hours to keep the protection going through the day. We are all guilty of thinking we aren’t being exposed because we are “indoors” all day ... but the reality is, we are exposed every time we step outside.  Let’s break that down: walking to our car, driving with sun beaming in the wind screen, taking a stroll at lunch time, nipping about running errands, hanging out the washing, going for an early evening walk. These are all times we can be getting direct UV exposure, it doesn't matter if it’s as little as 5 minutes and even on cloudy days, the solar ultraviolet radiation levels are sufficient to be harmful.

It’s not just blemished skin we have to worry about but also our country’s high melanoma rates. I recently read an article by the Northland District Health Board stating New Zealand has the highest incidence rates of melanoma in the world. Those in the upper North Island are exposed to greater risk due to longer sunshine hours, the strength of the UV radiation, the low ozone levels and a more outdoor lifestyle. So with that in mind, the number one product we all need all year round is a broad spectrum sunscreen, not only for general sun protection but also for prevention of further pigmentation.

If you would like to know more about your pigmentation and how to treat it, book a complimentary skin consultation with us so you can see your skin under our skin scanner. We’ll also give you specialist advice to help you get on the right track in treating your pigmentation and to make sure you’re doing the best you can to protect yourself against future pigment. Remember, healthy skin has the best chance of fighting off the signs of ageing. 

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