Skincare Swaps for Spring

Posted by Haven Skin Spa on 3 September 2019

Spring! Such a vibrant time of year when everything in nature is changing. The days get longer, the nights get shorter and a feeling of fresh optimism is in the air.

Spring also brings warmer temperatures, higher UVB levels and humidity.  You’ve probably already swapped your winter coat for a lighter blazer and your wool sweaters for cotton knits and just like your wardrobe, your skin needs an update too.


Spring Skin

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Top tips for reviewing your Spring skincare routine

Heat and humidity increase oil production, which means your skincare may require an adjustment. The moisturiser you needed to combat winter dryness is likely to be too heavy this time of year. And, if you’re one of those people who are less diligent with SPF during winter, you’ll definitely need to get yourself back into good habits now that the sunlight hours are increasing.

The point is, while we may be more than ready to run right into sunny spring, our skin needs a little more time to adapt. Picking products that target these seasonal concerns can help our skin transition more seamlessly.

Here are our top tips for reviewing your baseline skincare regime for Spring:


1. Cleanser

Colder winter weather calls for creamy cleansers that boost dry skin with added moisture. With temperatures rising, our skin doesn't need quite as much help in that department — it naturally produces more oil on its own. So, now is the time to consider changing from a hydrating milk cleanser to something a bit lighter, like a gel formula. 

Here are some options that will cleanse away unwanted impurities and address any increase in oil production while keeping your skin hydrated.


Osmosis Cleanse $86 (200ml)

Ideal if you are using a milk cleanser and have noticed only a small change in your skin with the warmer weather.  That winter “tight” feeling might be subsiding, and you are only noticing a small increase in oil on your skin’s surface.

 Osmosis Gentle Cleanser

Osmosis Purify $86 (200ml)

Infused with bromelain, this cleanser gives a deeper enzyme cleanse.  A perfect match if you have noticed a considerable increase in oil production or are more blemish-prone than usual.  


Osmosis Purify Cleanser



There’s a good reason why this is Ultraceuticals top selling cleanser. Its silky formula is designed to brighten dull lacklustre skin and contains brightening ingredients to assist in improving the appearance of pigmentation. As the sunlight hours increase, pigmentation usually deepens, so now is the time to start taking preventative steps.


Best selling cleanser



2. Moisturiser

While our skin drinks up the hydration from thick moisturisers and face creams in winter, come Spring and Summer it is able to naturally retain moisture better - however, using a moisturiser is still a must. There's a common misconception that oily skin doesn't need moisturiser, as it will just add grease and shine. However, if you don't moisturise, your skin will most likely produce even more oil to compensate for lack of hydration making oily skin…well, oilier. 

The solution is a lighter moisturiser that absorbs quickly and delivers skin-soothing and plumping ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, to give you that summer glow.

Osmosis Quench $128

Gives your skin the plumping boost it needs to restore your glow after the gloomy winter months with hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Quench Spring Moisturiser  

Ultraceuticals Hydrating Lotion $95

Super lightweight and fast absorbing, this is an ideal overnight moisturiser if your skin is becoming increasingly oily as weather warms up. 

Best Spring Moisturiser  

3. Sunscreen

It’s indisputable that sunscreen is the key to healthy skin.  Harmful UV rays create dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on our complexions, but can also cause more serious damages to our health, like skin cancer. So, SPF is a non-negotiable all year round.  If you’ve been skipping this vital step in your skincare routine, now is the time to get back on track. 


Ultraceuticals Protective Daily MOISTURISER SPF 30

Hands down the best sunscreen the Haven team have ever used.  It absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy residue.  Plus, it’s a sunscreen and moisturiser in one, so you don't need to buy two separate products. 

Ultra PDM



If you're looking for coverage too, this CC cream blends with the skin to conceal redness, dark circles, age spots and general imperfections - all while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. It also contains ingredients to soothe sensitive skin and revitalize dull winter skin.

SPF CC Cream



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