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Posted by Renay Robertson on 25 July 2017

We are much likelier to mentally and physically relax when it is planned in advance. 


We get it.  Modern life is crazy busy and even when we have the very best intentions to take some time for ourselves, we often don’t.  It just ends up being way harder than we planned, and sadly it falls by the wayside as our workload bursts at the seams, more meetings get scheduled and family commitments take priority.

However, given there are so many health benefits, we need to start thinking about relaxation a bit differently.  Instead of seeing it as a luxury or feeling guilty when we do relax, we need to start seeing it as an extremely important part of the way with live.

Various studies have found that taking time to relax can protect your heart, boost your memory and even reduce your chances of catching a cold.  If you would like to read more about these studies, check out this great article from the Huffington Post




At the start of the week, schedule in some moments to relax whenever you can, and in whatever way works for you. It might be reading a book, taking a walk, listening to music, getting a massage, soaking in the bath, baking, you name it!  Whatever your relaxation vice is, schedule it in!


Why is it important to schedule in times to relax?

Researchers from Columbia Business School, whose study was published in the journal Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes,
have found that we are much likelier to mentally and physically relax when it is planned in advance, as opposed to sporadically taking mental breaks once we've reached our limit.  And the quality of relaxation isn't the only thing that improves; the research also found that we're actually more productive and creative when performing tasks before and after a scheduled mental break.

We all have different ways of relaxing; music is definetely one thing that works for me, so I was pleased to have it confirmed, (after a quick Google search), that slow tempo music can quiet your mind and relax your muscles.

To help encourage you into scheduling some relaxation time, we have just the thing! The lovely Aroha has kindly curated a playlist exclusively for us, and we would love to share it with you.  It's perfect for creating a relaxed vibe at home, so put your feet up, grab a magazine and hit play.


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