Q+A with Eden Hessell, a.k.a The Botanist

Posted on 26 October 2016

Q+A Series

Each month we share a pot of tea and conversation with a Haven advocate. This month we caught up with Metro Magazines's Florist of the Year, Eden Hessell.

Name, occupation and hometown? 

Eden Hessell, Florist at The Botanist and Mum, Auckland.


Eden Hessel aka The Botanist

Image courtesy of Homes To Love

What does a normal day look like for you?

I get out of bed at 4.45am, get dressed ever-so-quietly not to wake up my boys, wash my face, shower, have a coffee, then I head to buy flowers at the Flower Auctions. Then, it’s loading up, processing flowers, fulfilling orders, meeting with clients and customers, planning events, chatting with regulars in the florist, or doing a special order for media events. Then I try to pick up my wee guy from daycare before going home for playtime, dinner, a well-deserved wine and bed pretty early.

 Eden and her Blossom Wings


What is your at-home skincare routine for both morning and night?

Although I am super busy, I always set aside time to look after my skin. I make sure I cleanse morning and night. I find my skin improves hugely when I use a repairing serum like Ultraceuticals B2 Hydrating Serum and I swear by a good eye cream. 


Whats your favourite past time?

I love my job, always being on my feet and getting to create amazing bouquets for customers. I also love hanging out with my son and husband and escaping the big smoke.

 Eden with blooms


What is your favourite beauty treatment and why? 

Because I am always around dirt and water, my skin can get really rough, dull and dry, which can cause breakouts. I also have some sun damage from when I was younger that I am trying to treat, so it’s important to me that a treatment rejuvenates and promotes cell turnover in the skin. I love the Osmosis Medi infusion Facial at Haven, as well as the LED Phototherapy treatments for a plumping collagen boost. 


What is one skin care product you couldn’t live without, and why?

I have always been a sun addict but as I get older I am finally realizing how damaging the sun can be, so a moisturiser with an SPF is key. I love the Ultraceuticals UV Protective Daily SPF 30 Hydrating Moisturiser. It has an anti-aging complex and a moisture boost complex, which keeps my skin hydrated. I also love their SunActive SPF50+ range as it is waterproof, packed with antioxidants and lightweight on the skin. SPF is really important to me, particularly when it comes to looking after my little boy.


Ultra PDM

How do you look after yourself both mentally and physically? 

I love to escape Auckland in the caravan with my husband and son and create memories. Work is pretty physical, so I try to look after my mind when I am not at work. 

Tell us about your trip in Hawaii? Highlights? 

Hawaii is some place else, beautiful but commercial, friendly but also over the top. It takes your breath away, mainly because they’re going 300% the whole time.

We spent 7 nights in Paia which reminded me of Raglan, a big hippy vibe which I couldn't really grasp. I think the kiwis do it better! The water was warm and every day was magical.

The highlight for me was spending quality time with my babes and not checking my emails!

Eden on Holiday
Describe your life right now in three words...

Lucky, exciting, crazy!  


Check out Eden's incredible blooms by visiting The Botanist online and on Instagram

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