Aroha Reviews Haven's LED Phototherapy

Posted by Aroha Harawira on 8 August 2015

It's been a pleasure having the gorgeous Aroha Harawira visiting Haven for treatments over the past few months. Being a DJ and George FM Host keeps her incredibly busy, but making time to keep her skin looking healthy and radiant is important to her. Aroha has kindly written the following piece to share her experience with you. Enjoy. 

aroha quote 02I had been going to Haven for various facials and treatments for a few months and was already impressed by their advanced knowledge of skin. Their Bespoke treatments are tailored made for your individual concerns and I’ve been hooked on Haven since day one.

Thankfully I have been blessed with my mother’s skin and wasn’t plagued by the terrible acne and scarring that my father and his siblings suffered with through their teens. Like mum, I have an oily t-zone and my skin is prone to dryness. Years of sun exposure have also left me with some skin pigmentation, and now at age 36, I’m missing the feeling of the plump skin I had in my 20s.

My skin therapist, Leah, was very excited to tell me about their new Healite II LED machine and the benefits of LED Phototherapy. She recommended a course of 9 treatments to jump start the results.

Known for their regenerative properties, LED lights are used in the medical world for accelerated skin healing (e.g. burns victims). In the same way, this is beneficial for facial rejuvenation in that it stimulates your body’s natural collagen production.

At each treatment, the Healite II machine was positioned directly above my face for a total of 14 minutes. The sensation is warm and very pleasant.

After my first treatment, I immediately noticed that my skin felt plumper and “spongy” to the touch. Around my cheeks and going into the creases of my nose was noticeably plump and more radiant.

The following treatments (to complete the course of 9) were taken over a period of a month, and each time I left the clinic feeling warm, rejuvenated very relaxed. With no makeup on, I was very comfortable going to the shops and to meet people straight after my treatments as my skin looked so good; even the skin in the inner corners under my eyes, where I’d usually need concealer.

So here’s where it gets nerdy. As we get older, our body naturally produces less collagen. LED Phototherapy addresses this by waking your cells up and getting them to behave as if they are younger, which means they start to produce more collagen.  The more collagen you have; the firmer your skin will be, the younger you will look, and for longer.

Light travels in waves called “photons”. These photons contain little energy packets, which are delivered to the skin cell membrane with LED Phototherapy. The thing is, these energy packets can’t benefit your skin unless they can get right into the skin cell membrane. The Healite II machine delivers an exact, measured strength wavelength in order to achieve this.

Once the energy packets are absorbed into the skin cell membrane, the sub cells are stimulated and new, better quality collagen starts being produced. 

The course of 9 treatments is recommended, as each treatment is cumulative, i.e. much like running, you increase your fitness with each run. Clinical studies show that LED Phototherapy causes the cell “activeness” to peak between 2-5 days after a treatment; so you’re capitalising on the time when the cell is naturally peaking, therefore stimulating a greater amount of collagen production.

After a course of 9 treatments, my skin looks better than it has in a long time. The sun pigmentation has faded and the skin texture is more even. I have a natural plumpness and my skin looks less drawn and ashen in colour.

The Haven team really know what they’re talking about and use only the best products and equipment. There are many cheap machines around touting “LED Phototherapy”, however Healite II is a reputable second generation machine of the highest quality.

I’m very happy with the results and I look forward to my monthly LED Phototherapy treatments now that I’ve done the ground work.

- Aroha. xx.

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